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Soul Patches Mix: Godzilla is back!

Stromberg Tha Host 01/02/2019

Soul Patches mix, band-aids for the sensitive soul.

It’s been a while we didn’t have any news from the Mighty Godzilla. Straight outta Siracusa, Italy, in a smoky studio among thousands of records, we found him in relax, between meditation and digging of historical finds in some flea market. The digger with his low profile and eclectic taste, founder of the homonymous sound system, agitator of crazy nights with mega vibes, is back among us with a plush step.

He gave us a super mixtape, a special 70 minutes long, to be forgiven for the prolonged absence from these pages. We called it Soul Patches. An elastic journey among the author’s furrows, from more obscure and ancient things to more or less recent gems, from Italy to America and back. Band-aids for the soul, a thousand power healing. With a special dedication to Johnny The Heartbreaker
The Rubberbands, in the same words as ours

(…) I mixed a bit of soul to thaw your hearts in this icy winter … this is the musical tale of any night blurred by fumes of Camel and rivers of whiskey …

Cheers guys, with a wish of good listening, the most toned already know that you download everything below!

DOWNLOAD: The Blast Podcast #129 – Godzilla in Soul Patches