The Blast Podcast #1: Can U Hear it?

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NYC Underground Sounds from the 90's

A fresh selection of underground sounds from the 90’s NYC hip hop scene.

Here it is, a groove, such a friends…welcome to our new podcast!

For a not so short period, during the last decade or so Nineties, tons of smooth and obscure beats and gritty rhymes was the staple for most of the finest underground rap acts. Weekly, fresh 12 inches were released from obscure indie labels blooming and bombing sounds, packed and sent worldwide for the pleasure of a few thousand heads, thirsty ears fiending for the freshest and rawest. Small production teams, often one-man-armies, handled limited editions, and these limited pressings made the same production output collectable for many diggers all across the globe nowadays. And some pieces contained in this mix are now pricey. By the way, the common thread here is that Stromberg mixes his finest cuts for you to listen.

Half an hour of mellow badness, for all the real boom bap lovers.


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