The Blast Podcast #11: Soul From The Hood, a Tribute to DJ Marcio

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Here we are, once again.

A short time before his untimely death, like one month or so,
during one of our very last phone calls, my brother Dj Marcio
told me about how he felt like doing some special soul mix,
to break the long hiatus with his primary activity, blessing 1200’s.

He has been very precise describing the thing.
He was interested in that special kind of tear-jerker,
heart-felt and deep soul music, the one that comes from
ordinary people who could fight for their lives, in their ‘hoods.

The kind of music who could talk to everybody
and let those feelings flow into their minds.
He called it “soul from the ‘hood”.

My man has been a deep and pure genius, let me tell you,
a very sensible guy, who couldn’t afford all the evil that men do,
in no way. May his soul shine forever.

A little more than one month after he passed away,
we remember him with a selection of stuff he would’ve possibly enjoyed.
Hope you’ll do the same, and dont let anyone taking you down.

Soul from the ‘hood, a DJ Marcio Tribute.

Play loud, Marcio, wherever you are.

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