Introducing: Alexander Spit – Mansions 2 (Video)

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Alexander Spit
Alexander Spit is a rapper and producer from the Bay Area, with a long sleeve of productions, mixtapes and albums under his young belt. And he lived way longer than his young age, somehow.

Issued from the low class, an american philipino, he’s a grown-by-the-net-type-of-rapper, since he learned and honed his writing skills just posting lyrics on a hip hop forum, back in the days. Influenced by J Dilla as well as Tom Waits, after a long alcohol addiction and like five years of rehab and 12 steps programs in his adolescence, the dude got into underground San Francisco gigs and battling scene, producing and rapping with his group The Instant Messengers. The group disbanded, and he went solo, venturing to work with the Californian apparel brand The Hundreds, the same who backed him for the release of his first two albums. He became a quoted and respected local act, then he moved to LA, where he almost lost his craft, facing a new reality and the big city, before dropping a third album who just set the pace for what’s up today. The album was called These Long Strange Nights, in 2011. Right after that, a beat tape dropped, titled Mansions, last year. After that, and the positive critical response the stuff had, Alexander, heartfelt and honest, went heavily on drugs, mushrooms, to be exact. That’s how A Breathtaking Trip to that OtherSide came out last year. Trippy raps over trippy beats, as he said. Since then, his nice attitude and expanding sound got an even wider audience.

Being featured by RBMA, SXSW and other important U.S. outlets boosted the man’s music. In a few days he’ll drop his sophomore free beat tape joint, Mansions 2 , and to push up the whole project he premiered via Complex Music this long video directed by David Gallardo, who blends together japanese anime clips over super productions from Spit, just telling the story of a guardian reliving his past and a hired gun man questioning the morals of his job.

Creatively insane, musically infectious, way different (and somehow better) than trippy and trap-oriented A Breathtaking Trip to That Otherside, this beat tape’ll make you want more and more. Loose moods, sparse drums, airy grooves. Dive into this, it’s refreshing. And contagious.

Out like gone tomorrow.

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