Introducing: J-Louis – Balanced EP (2013)

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Introducing the hardline J-Louis, according to Soulection.
The young gun is 19 years old, straight out of Azusa, United States, and with his sounds he speaks an universal lingo.

The dreamy and quiet debut, Balanced, is a joint we have on repeat since its release. Pianos, synths, intricate drumming, smooth basslines and absolutely soulful female vocal samples create a special texture, a precious soundtrack for both the after-hours and the early lights, depending on your mood.

In J-Louis’ own words, he “(..)wanted to capture the listener’s emotions and get others inspired by the sounds & samples I chose. I love creating that feel good music. Most of the tracks have female voices because I feel that only a woman can inspire a true work of art…Thanks to Soulection I’m able to do what I love and will continue to do so in the future.”

Go ‘head with it. You can download the opus for free, then enjoy.
Out like balance la sauce.

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