Production Specs: Brenk Sinatra

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Production Specs: Brenk Sinatra

Il viennese Brenk Sinatra è uno dei produttori hip hop europei di maggior successo all’estero, in particolare negli Stati Uniti. Musicista dalla carriera ormai decennale, inizialmente Brenk ha prodotto vari rapper del giro di lingua tedesca, per poi estendersi in Europa (ha fatto beat anche per il nostro Ghemon), e arrivare poi in USA, dove ha piazzato le proprie produzioni per gente come King Tee, Marvwon e Guilty Simpson.

Al momento lavora spesso in coppia con la leggenda West Coast MC Eiht, insieme al quale ha già fatto uscire più di un lavoro sotto la prestigiosa Year Round di DJ Premier. Pulitissimo nei suoni e molto musicale, Brenk non disdegna di fare uscire composizioni solo strumentali, da solo o in collaborazione (come i Betty Ford Boys insieme ai colleghi Dexter e Suff Daddy). Le ultime uscite di Brenk, tutte targate 2014, sono l’album Chop Shop 2 in coppia con Fid Mella, il mixtape Gentle Giant, il documentario Cali Sessions,che racconta il viaggio di Brenk in California. Al sito ufficiale, qui, ulteriori info in merito.

First commercial beat sold/placed: I think 2003 must have been the first official release. I gotta look it up because people asked me this a few times before and I still don’t know when I sold my first beat exactly.

How long did it take you to produce something that you were proud of: I’m not that 10 minute type of a beat-dude. I’ll try a lot of things ‘till I’m satisfied, so I would say it takes me at least 2-3 hours till I start to feel good about a beat.

Favourite production set-up: My computer, a few plug-ins, Maschine MK2, microKorg, Oberheim Matrix 1000, Technics 1210, Elka organ, etc.

Best digging advice from someone ever: Don’t go where everybody is going. Those places often aren’t the best by far. This would be my advice.

Producer, in the last 3 months, that made you say: “Oh, shit, i have to go back to the lab!”: A lot of folks inspire me but basically I’m staying in the lab so I don’t have to go back to it. 🙂

Your worst production mistake ever made: Sending a tracked out beat to people or engineers who don’t know how I want it to sound and what I stand for. But i don’t do that no more anyway. Lessons learned.

One essential mixing tip: Take about 3 songs/beats you like soundwise from your favourite artist and compare them with your mix to see where you at and what still needs to be done to get a good mix.


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