Production Specs: Nick Tha 1Da

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Nick Tha 1Da

Uno dei maghi della produzione lo-fi (con il famigerato sampler SP-303) e dei “$1 bin records”, Nick Tha 1Da è, come molti beatmaker della zona di DC (e limitrofe), portatore di un suono “soul”, fatto di suoni organici e melodiosi e batterie accentuate ispirato da certe soluzioni dello scomparso J-Dilla.
Nel suono del produttore americano, animatore di battle fra produttori da tempi non sospetti, troviamo qualche riferimento anche ai suoni brasiliani. A livello di credits, ricordiamo tante uscite strumentali e qualche collaborazione con gli artisti del giro di Washington, come Kenn Star e Boog Brown, spesso per l’etichetta Mello Music Group.


First commercial beat sold/placed: In 2004, K-Hill “Da Instigator” was my first vinyl/digital release on Neblina Records. B-Side featured production from another ill producer/friend, Rashid Hadee.

How long did it take you to produce something that you were proud of: 3 minutes… pause tapes son! I admired hip-hop & its use of samples for years… when I created my first seamless loop with a separate drum break it caused me to dig further in all aspects of musicianship & crate diggin’.

Favourite production set-up:
SP-303 & 404, pt-101 turntable, $1 Bin Records, & Cool Edit 2.0.

Best digging advice from someone ever:
Never received any… but I recommend to listen to the WHOLE song if you’re enjoying it… too often producers/collectors skip thru the beginning/middle/end quickly without patience.
If you’re inspired by the track take time to appreciate the quality of the production or lyrical content. There are several changes/nuances within a track that can be easily missed. I didn’t work on my album for you to skim my concept & neither did the artist(s) before us…

Producer, in the last 3 months, that made you say: “Oh, shit, i have to go back to the lab!”: My homie Cream of Beats based out of Detroit… always been a fan but I visited his lab & witnessed music is more about technique not setup.

Your worst production mistake ever made: Not taking the time to track beats… I get caught up in the moment of creating live that I don’t edit/sequence properly!

One essential mixing tip: A softer mix is easier to amplify but if it’s too loud… there’s no return once it’s distorted!


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