Production Specs: Ray West

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Ray West è un produttore newyorkese che, dopo avere iniziato come DJ, si è recentemente affacciato alla scena grazie a prestigiose collaborazioni con due membri della crew del Bronx D.I.T.C., ovvero A.G. (Everything’s Berri) e O.C. (Ray’s Cafe). La sua ultima fatica, presentata dalla sua “boutique sonora” Red Apples Forty-Five, è The Snake Tape, EP in cassetta (!) distribuito da Fat Beats, che racconta un viaggio per New York in compagnia delle narrazioni di gente come Kool Keith, A.G., Kurious, Dave Dar, L Fudge e Lord Tariq.


First commercial beat sold/placed: My first beats that were published were on A.G. – Everything’s Berri. It was a whole LP and I did all the beats.

How long did it take you to produce something that you were proud of: I was inspired rather quick as far as beat making, but producing songs… I would say about after making a lot of songs.

Favourite production set-up: MPC 2000XL, Moog “Little Phatty”, pulse synth for bass, Technics 1200 turntable, DJ mixer & a bag of newly bought dusty records.

Best digging advice from someone ever: Don’t spend all your money, it’s about how you use the pieces you extract.

Producer, in the last 3 months, that made you say: “Oh, shit, i have to go back to the lab!”: Madlib (Piñata LP) and some work my friend CERN is doing, making music with instruments made from balloons. Really next level.

Your worst production mistake ever made: I don’t recall any mistakes that haven’t been a lesson. My biggest mistake may be cutting the power off by accident when I have not yet recorded or saved my work- that’s a mistake 🙂

One essential mixing tip: Always give yourself time to process. Don’t rush. Give it a break and come back with fresh ears.

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