Production Specs: SKYWLKR

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SKYWLKR_CoverIl giovanissimo SKYWLKR, al secolo Skylar Tait, è un produttore di Detroit che si è fatto notare negli ultimi anni come “in house producer” del gruppo Bruiser Brigade, la posse di Danny Brown. Musicista dal gusto minimale e influenzato dalla EDM, capace di passare da atmosfere simil-trap a momenti di soul stonato, SKYWLKR rappresenta l’essenza migliore del moderno produttore “smanettone” e figlio della cultura del computer, tanto che lo scorso anno è stato messo fra quelli da seguire nella lista di Complex. Al suo attivo, oltre alle collaborazioni con Danny Brown, Chip$ e Dopehead ci sono produzioni per Boldy James, Deniro Farrar e i Main Attrakionz.


First commercial beat sold/placed: The first “cool” person to ever rap over one of my beats was Guilty Simpson. Unfortunately, the song never came out and sits on my hard drive.

How long did it take you to produce something that you were proud of: Honestly, I liked the first beat I made. I never thought I was trash ha, I had already been writing music with bands for about 4 years before I ever made a “beat.”

Favourite production set-up: I use Reason as my central production center. I often use other shit, MPC, Fruity Loops, hardware synths etc, but I’m pretty minimal, most of my beats weren’t even made with a midi keyboard. I enjoy my KRK 8 monitors I have at my house.

Best digging advice from someone ever: Haha, I don’t know. I’m a bad digger. I dig based on artwork mainly, which can be hit or miss. Or if I hear a name from someone I look up to, I’ll buy some unknown records from them. But I have countless vinyl I doubt I’ll ever sample.

Producer, in the last 3 months, that made you say: “Oh, shit, i have to go back to the lab!”: Kahn & Neek, these dudes from Bristol, in the UK. They are killing shit to me.

Your worst production mistake ever made: Ehh, in some sense, I don’t think you can make mistakes in production. Experimentation usually ends up with amazing results. If it sounds bad, just take out what you did. But, I guess, for me, I just can be lazy sometimes.

One essential mixing tip: MIX WITH YOUR EARS NOT YOUR EYES.


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