The Blast Podcast #7: Run 4 Covers

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When it comes to run for italian covers of international hits,
it’s always fun and mad laughs when listening to it.
But sometimes it can happen to rock good music, really.
Eventually this is the case, as I’m ready to share with you
ten crispy and weird 45’s for our new podcast, as well as the tracklist.

CATERINA CASELLI_Com’è buia la città
BRIGITTE_Ti amo…ed io di più
EQUIPE 84_Bang Bang
PATRICK SAMSON_Na Na Hey (ciao ciao)
DON BACKY_I got a woman
MARGHERITA_Tu sei pallido
PEPPINO DI CAPRI_Don’t play that song
MINA_Città vuota (it’s a lonely town)

Hope you enjoy, go grab the podcast here.
If not, eat a d*ck.

The Blast Podcast #7: Stromberg G13 presents Run 4 Covers by Strettoblaster on Mixcloud

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