Stromberg Picks: 5 mixes you shouldn’t miss for any reasons

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A little while since Stromberg laced us up with his lists and picks, he’s back for more with his new type of quick strike, some best of list off his always capturing radar, so be ready to have the special treatment of what the man also known as G.13 is about to drop through our columns, five things he digs and is happy to share with us. As for the title, today we have five mixes found around the web he thinks you shouldn’t miss. Check these out.

The 45 King mixes some classic and reknown The 45 King. A sort of best of his productions and hits, a quick mix that won’t disappoint both the connoisseur and the newbie. One of the best yet.

DJ Franchise put together an essential mix to get listeners in touch with the core production of one of the heavyweights behind the boards during the most part of the late Eighties until late Nineties, none else than Easy Mo Bee. He worked with a lotta people, from Miles Davis (yes, THAT Miles Davis) to Biggie Smalls, shaping the sound of a generation with his typical futuristic robotic crazy George Jetson type joints. And if you want to hear some boom, here’s for y’all.

The passing of Donald Byrd has been as untimely as sad for many heads and fans worldwide. One of them gave one of the best tribute mixes so far, and his name is Gilles Peterson. No wonder this mix is so delicate and accurate, then.

The Brooklyn-based label Slice of Spice brought us this sweet Lord Finesse live mix recorded during a recent Japan tour. In two parts, two hours of everything you may desire from the Underboss himself: a nice and in-depth crate digging pleasant show. If one ever wonders why Finesse’s the man, check this, they don’t call him so for nothing, remember?

French producer and deejay Drixxxé delivers his SexTape, a fine mix of erotic and porn movies soundtracks, a bright example of how strange games and funky things click together perfectly.

Out like no more talking.

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