The Blast Podcast #30 – J-Joint volume One

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The J-Joint volume One - The Blast Podcast #30 -

A long time ago, the man Two Mave proposed Stromberg to compile some japanese joints for our podcasting system, as he is in love with Far Eastern music, especially from the Empire of the Rising Sun. This has undergone a long hiatus, but finally the result is here, and the first installment of the saga is ready for your ears.

J-pop, as connoisseurs call it, is the Japanese way to name the locally made musical productions which aren’t classical nor folkloristic, and to categorize under the same generic belt many different genres, from jazz and soul to heavy metal, for instance. Every of these has influeces from northern american and european music. In our case, we have a fine selection of jazz and soul funk, the mix for a quiet storm, a good move during the day, the perfect match at night.

Here it is, hope you’ll enjoy and spread some love.
Out like konichiwa, bitches!

DOWNLOAD: The Blast Podcast #30 – J-Joint Volume One

The Blast Podcast #30 – J-Joint volume One by Strettoblaster on Mixcloud

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